Qualified Actuary with 15 years experience

With an Actuarial qualification and a natural taste for adventure, I took upon several positions in my 15 years working for BNPP Cardif Insurance in places such as Taiwan, India, Hong-Kong, Korea, China.

With several technical and executive roles (CAFO, CRO, Head of ALM…), I have developed practical and managerial expertise in various domains, such as:

  • Asset & Liability Management & Risk Appetite framework
  • Product Development and Engineering
  • Capital Requirement (CROSS, Solvency 2)
  • Strategic Development, Performance Management and Management Accounting
  • Data Transformation Project, Business Intelligence and Data analytics
  • Experience Study automation and Valuation process optimisation
  • IFRS17


Leverage Technology to enhance Insurance and Actuarial Practice

Alongside the managerial dimension, I have always kept a strong inclination for tech, hands-on practice and innovation. I found the new tools at the disposition of actuaries and insurance practitioners mind-boggling for the new possibilities they are opening (with coding skills, an actuary can now distill the complexity with an ease we couldn’t conceive 15 years ago). In parallel, InsurTechs and Corporations are moving fast - which I find both exciting and inspiring for the future of Insurance.

InsurTech and ActuarialTech enthusiast

As an InsurTech entrepreneur ecosystem enthusiast, I am active as an independent to blend insurance experience and actuarial expertise with the technical world. I focus on understanding the fast-paced insurance startup world, researching innovative insurance solutions and developing practical actuarial tech for established firms and startups.

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